Key chains with Bride and Groom Bears flash drives


An original and practical gift for a couple that will get married soon.

Key chains with holders. Bride and Groom Bears flash drives USB 16 GB.  Handmade Japanese fabric ribbons. Asanoha pattern, black and bordeaux. ± 20 cm long.  Designed by Nou Cami. Handmade in France.


Key chains with Bride and Groom Bears 16 GB flash drives and holders. Handmade Japanese fabric ribbons

  • Key chains with holders
  • Flash drives USB, bride and groom bears
  • Japanese fabric ribbons. Asanoha pattern
  • Colour : black for him, bordeaux for her
  • Total length : ± 20 cm (7.9 inches)
  • Silver colour accessories

Matching Japanese fabric ribbon. Red Asanoha fabric for her and black Asanoha fabric for him. The perfect match! As the ribbon is handmade, slight variations may occur and fabric pattern may vary from the one in the picture.

Silver colour key chains, holders and accessories.

Also available 8 GB size.

Contact us if you want to buy just one of them. For more information don’t hesitate to send us an email.


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