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Grue origami earrings

Product Description

The crane is the bird of happiness for Japanese people. It also symbolizes good fortune and longevity

Origami cranes (orange background, white, red and black abstract pattern) with red and orange mini beads. Silver plated scissors charms.

The origami measures approximately 1.8×1.8 cm (0.7×0.7 inches). It hangs on a 2.0 cm (0.8 inch) vertical line of coloured mini beads + 2.0 cm (0.8 inch) 925 silver sterling earring hook and transparent earnuts. The silver plated scissors charm hangs from the origami 1.5×0.8 cm (0.6×0.3 inch). Total size: 1.8×6.5 cm (0.7×2.5 inches).

Origamis are carefully hand-folded and protected with three layers of varnish applied by hand.  The origami paper is made in Japan.

Earrings are delivered in a transparent box designed by Nou cami.

We have more than 120 paper designs. We will be glad to receive your custom order.

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