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We wanted to meet Cécile and Lucie, the entrepreneurs and bloggers of “A la conquête de l’est ” for a long time. So this very nice post is a dream come true for us.

If you do not know them yet, we invite you to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. … They are very mediatic girls and you will find them everywhere in the social networks.

So if you are in this area of France, you will take advantage of their tips and discoveries for sure.

We’ve translated their post about Nou Cami for you:

“At the moment we try to develop our “local talents” section and discover these gifted little hands that offer us good products from Franche-Comte or original creations. Luckily, sometimes we have a crush on something! We were delighted when Nou Cami contacted us to make us discover its universe. And as usual during the last 4 years: when we love, we share!

When you meet Luciana Nisizaki, the founder and crafter at Nou Cami, you understand immediately that what will follow will be a great mix of cultures. Already by her name, which mixes her Asian and Latin roots, her slanted eyes, her Spanish accent … And it is confirmed when she tells us her background: born in Uruguay, she studied architecture there, then she fell in love with the Spanish man who became her husband, whom she followed for professional reasons to England, and then to Seville, before arriving at Belfort! (No doubt, a little less exotic city).

One might think she regrets having arrived here, after all her trips through different continents, but Luciana loves our region! (Ouf!). After some time of reflection, she wishes to embark herself on crafts, a passion that has motivated her for a long time. She chooses origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, which she learned with her grandma as a small child. She had to plunge back into origami books to relearn the technique. Luciana starts producing earrings and sewn handkerchiefs purses, which she shows to her French course classmates in Belfort. The concept pleases!

So she launches her project, spends time developing new models. She alternates the creation origami jewellery handcrafts (earrings, necklaces, but also greeting cards) and textile handcrafts (cushions, key chains, USB key holders, phone cases, etc.). She chooses coloured Japanese origami papers, according to her taste or the customer’s choice.

When one observes crafts in origami they seem so delicate. Consequently, the first question that comes to our mind is: “How long does it take to create a pair of earrings? “.  “One hour, from A to Z including packaging”. Unbelievable! One can imagine that she must do this with great dexterity. Not sure that we could finish a single crane of half a centimetre in the time mentioned.

Concerning prices, they cannot be more reasonable, and accessible to all! The origami jewellery does not exceed 20 € and the textile creations go from 15 to 30 € approximately!

That said, Nou Cami is developing little by little origami workshops, with different subjects. For the time being in a small group at her house, but hopefully she will soon be able to propose bigger ones in nice places (Hello? Les thés de Bernie, La Voile sucrée…).

Meanwhile, instead of trying in vain to fold your paper into a unicorn shape, you can always acquire the creations of Nou Cami on Etsy, A Little Market or in the markets in which it participates! (Go to its Facebook page to be up-to-date!).”

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