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L’hexactitude du geste / Belfort under the fold


We want to share with you the article Christophe Spiesser has written about our work. The aim of L’hexactitude du geste is to show cafts in France through Christophe’s wonderful photographies and experience. Every department is represented by one handcrafter. Nou cami was honoured to be chosen by Christophe for the departement “Territoire de Belfort” in the north-east of France, where we live and a land that has captivated us from the very beginning.

We have translated his words for you:

“Belfort and its territory, located between the valleys of the Rhin and the Rhone, are situated in a strategic place at the confluence of many cultures. Over the centuries, all Europe has passed through this territory. It is the strength of the city during the 1870 war which gained the area the status of “département”. Today, the climate of the Jura and the Vosges mountains has settled but the cultural legacy endures. Many events take place in this area throughout the year, the Eurockéennes (international summer music festival) is the first to come to my mind. But a quick look at the local calendar will lead you to many others like the excellent International Festival of Music played by university students (FIMU), the Book Fair, Entrevues – an independent film festival, or the Marionettes (puppets) Theatre Festival. This was enough to make L’hexactitude want to celebrate with pictures this cultural activity. So we folded a bit the corners of the hexagon (familiar way referring to France) and we took a tour to Luciana Nisizaki’s home. Born in Uruguay with Japanese roots, the young woman received me in a friendly atmosphere over a cup of coffee to discuss paper but not just any paper! After living in Belfort for more than 2 years, Luciana creates jewellery by means of origami, an ancient folding technique which takes its name from two Japanese words: “oru” (fold) and “kami” (paper). For her creations, Luciana only uses paper from the country of her ancestors. Once folded by the expert hands of our handcrafter, the origami feature various forms, from the traditional origami crane to mineral patterns like Kryptonite, according to the source of inspiration of Luciana. Then the findings will be added to the origamis turning them into earrings or pendants. They will have several layers of varnish, if necessary. Among Luciana’s work, we also found accessories made with Japanese fabrics like cushions, pen cases, make-up purses, mobile purses, etc. A flap of folding fabric gives these items an origami touch!”

Do not hesitate to have a look at Christophe Spiesser experience with other craftsmen and craftswomen. His challenge for 2017 is to publish this extraordinary project and we are sure he will accomplish it.

Let us encourage you to see his work related to other subjects:

We really love the series “Anciens cafés”! It is awesome! Related to those photos you can read the following article:

Hope you enjoy discovering his work as much as we do.

Thanks a lot Christophe!

Christophe & Luciana__blog_noucami

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