Nou Cami

About Us

Handmade Origami jewelry and japanese style accessories

Nou Cami merges the Eastern and Western culture creating unique handcrafts made out of paper or fabric

Based on origami technique we achieve colorful contemporary designs with basic geometric shapes. Over 80 % of our raw materials are imported from Japan.

Nou Cami takes care of our environment that is why we reuse and recycle everything that is in our hands.

Communication with our customers is one of the most fundamental pillars of our business. We strive to achieve a personalised and timeless product that goes beyond the current fashion trends.

Core values

Handcraft process

Nou Cami strongly believes in handicraft production as a process that manages creations and not just products; incorporating a story, vision and feeling in every object. All our creations are handmade, what guarantees the uniqueness of each item.

Thanks to the use of drafting software we can change sizes, make adjustments, tests and improvements more precisely; achieving an object designed to suit your specific demands.


We believe that design is a way to understand the world and to find ways to change it. At Nou Cami we experiment, evolve and innovate by means of design. We begin our creative process experimenting with origami to achieve contemporary designs with basic geometric shapes that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.


Our purpose is continuous improvement and our vision is to strive for excellence in all aspects. We innovate to offer a unique and exclusive product by using excellent raw materials. We believe that planning is an important pillar that enables us to be prepared for change.

One to one communication

Nou Cami strives to suit your needs; our main goal is to please you. We give you a personalized service based on active listening. Our aim is your satisfaction since you place your order until you receive your item and you begin to use it.

Your suggestions and comments are very important to us. They allow us to improve and give you the service you expect.


We promote a respectful behaviour towards the environment. We collaborate by reducing, reusing and recycling, this way we minimize our negative impact on our surroundings.

We believe in responsible consumption. We encourage a customer who chooses to establish a single and unique connection with his/her possessions, a customer that buys distinctive personal effects.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility as one of the pillars of any business. We strive for a  better future for generations to come by helping and being supportive to those in need.



My name is Luciana Nisizaki. I was born in Montevideo (Uruguay), part of my ancestors were Japanese. I’m an architect, although I’ve also worked in other areas such as teaching, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility. I emigrated in 2008 driven by my fascination for Europe, my desire to know other cultures and master other languages. I have lived in the United Kingdom, Spain and France. I love to design and enjoy using my hands to work, my heart and my mind express themselves through them.

Nou Cami has emerged as a new career path in which I use my skills and experience, working with passion and love for what I do.

Visiting Japan with my family was an amazing experience. In that moment my fascination for Japanese fabrics began. I loved their color and quality but above all feeling them in my hands was extraordinary. Now thanks to Nou Cami, I am able to work with a lot of fabrics that are brought from Japan.

During my travels I always bought books and origami papers imagining that someday I could introduce myself in this fascinating art of paper folding. Memories of the beautiful origamis my grandmother Sakae made kept coming to my mind. It was fascinating to feel how they filled her home with color and joy.

I hope you identify yourself with my creations and enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them for you!

Thanks for visiting us!

Upcoming exhibitions

Exposition nou cami

From February 2019
Due to a change in our personal circumstances, we will not be making exhibitions soon. We will give you news soon. Thank you for your understanding!

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